HANDYdata IPconnect  [Page updated 2006-04-05]
- Connect your home phone to Skype!

HANDYdata IPconnect brings new and exciting features to your Skype.

1 All regular (land-line) incoming calls are forwarded to your Skype.
 - Receive your phone calls wherever you are!
 - Take your home or office phone number with you all over the world!
2 Make a call to your regular phone number, then call any Skype contact.
 - Make Skype/SkypeOut calls when you are away from your computer!
 - Just call your home phone, then speed-dial your Skype contacts.
 - Place long-distance calls at local call cost.

3 All Skype incoming calls are forwarded to a regular phone number.
 - Forward all your calls to any phone/cell phone number. The call is
   connected via your regular home phone.



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