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Firewall issues
Hardware issues

Super Tunnel Mode (STM) has been specially developed to offer zero configuration for most firewalls and routers. If you use IPconnect with Skype, just check so that any of the ST1 / ST2 icons are green.





Super tunnel mode 2 (ST2) enabled



For Skype use, you can check the Click here... box




For Skype use, you can check the Click here... box

In order to have better audio quality (st1 mode) and support Netmeeting call (option), the PC that has your PPG installed needs to have port 1720 TCP (also known as NetMeeting) and port 6667 TCP (also known as IRC server) and Port 6666 UDP directed to it from your Internet sharing hardware or software (HomePortal, router or ICS).

There are various ways to direct ports 1720, 6667 and 6666 to the PC with the PPG installed depending on the Internet sharing that you use.

For information on how to configure your hardware router, please check your owners manual or visit

Hardware issues

If you plug in your hardware before you have installed the PPG software, you might get a problem with the device being installed as a generic usb-device.
Follow this link to solve this issue.


1) What are the PC requirements to use IPconnect (PPG)?

Windows XP/2000, 200MHz (or faster) Pentium compatible CPU, 64MB of RAM, USB port. "Always on" Internet connection (DSL, Cable, etc.)
2) Is the PPG easy to install?
Yes, download and run the installer, then plug in the USB cable. Then configure your settings.

3) What is the Internet connection requirement for the PPG?
We suggest that you use an "always on" connection such as DSL, Cable modem etc. The PPG uses only a small amount of bandwidth. Calls can only be placed through your PPG when your PPG is connected to the Internet.
4) Can I use another application (apart from the IP Phone Center) to place calls through my IPconnect.
You can only use IP Phone Center to place calls through a PPG. The IP Phone Center application has been tightly integrated with the PPG and this tight integration enables you to place and receive calls through Routers and Firewalls.
5) Is there a demo of IPconnect that I can place calls through to test the quality?
If you have IP Phone Center installed you can place calls to numbers in several countries all over the world through Demo-PPGs that we have setup.
6) How long can I talk for when I place a call be through a PPG?
You can set your PPG for unlimited time. The demo PPGs are limited to 10 minutes.
7) Can I limit the call time through my IPconnect?
Yes, you can limit the time a call is connected, you can also create user accounts and give then a total time limit for all of their calls. For more information on creating user accounts please click here.
8) Can I limit what numbers that can be called through my PPG? 
Yes, you can select the numbers to which calls can be placed, other numbers will be blocked. More information is here.

9) How do I know what numbers have been called through my PPG? 
When a call is placed through your PPG a small window will notify you of the call. In addition there is a log file with the time and date of each call.
10) Can I set up user names and passwords to prevent unauthorized calls through my PPG? 
Yes, you have the option to create accounts with user names and passwords. For more information click here.
11) Can I block certain numbers such as 911, 411 etc.
All three digit numbers such as 911, 411 etc are blocked by default and calls cannot be placed to them.
12) Can my PPG be connected to a PBX?
Yes, if you want, you can set your PPG to automatically dial a 9 before placing a call. (Note, the connection to your PBX must be analog, if you can plug in a regular phone to your PBX and place a call, you can also plug in the PPG.
13) My phone line needs a special prefix to be dialed in front of numbers?
Yes, your PPG can be set to dial a prefix before the number called by the user.
14) Can my PPG share a phone line?
Yes, your PPG can share your main phone line or your fax line. PPG checks to see if there is a call in progress (dial tone) before placing a call. Click here for the instruction to enable dial tone detection (UP soon)
15) Can I install my PPG in a PC that accesses the Internet through a Router?
Yes, Super Tunnel Mode (STM) has been specially developed to offer zero configuration and optimum audio quality options. click here for more information
17) I use ICS to share the Internet access for my network, can I install PPG?
Yes, you can install PPG and use your PPG together with ICS.
18) I use Microsoft Proxy Server to share the Internet access for my network, can I install PPG.
Yes, you can install PPG and use your PPG together with Microsoft Proxy Server, for more information please click here.
19) Can I install PPG on a PC running NT4.0?
No, PPG needs to be installed on a system running Windows XP/Windows 2000.
20) Which ports need to be forwarded on my Router to support PPG?
Super Tunnel Mode (STM) has been specially developed to offer zero configuration and audio quality options. You don't need to do any ports forwarding for most of the case. For Full information, please click here. However, if you like to optimize your audio quality and support Netmeeting call, Ports 1720, 6667 and 6666 need to be forwarded to the PC with your PPG installed.
21) What does the message "open port 6667" mean?
PPG has detected that port 6667 is not being forwarded to the PC in which PPG is installed. Please check that your Router, Proxy Server or ICS application is forwarding port 6667 to the PC with PPG installed.
22) How can I test my Internet connection to be sure it is set up correctly?
We have developed a test program called Connection Tester that will check your connection and create a log file that you can send to us to check.
23) I am able to place calls through my PPG from other PCs on my local Network (LAN) but I cannot place calls from a PC on the Internet?
It is most likely that you have a router/proxy Server configuration We have developed a test program called Connection Tester that will check your connection and create a log file that you can send to us to check. For more information please click here.
24) My call does not connect and I get an error message. What should I do?
Check that the phone number is allowed to be called through the PPG that you are using.
Check if the PPG password function is enabled and you need to enter a user name and password.
If the PPG you are placing your call through is behind a Router or Proxy Server - check the Router or Proxy Server is correctly configured with the Connection Tester.
25) During installation I am asked for an email address for my PPG - why?
You will be able to add your PPG to your Buddy List using the email address that you have chosen for your PPG. IMPORTANT you cannot use the same email addresses for your PPG and your USB Internet phone - they must be different.
26) How do I know that my PPG is running and ready to take a call?
You will have the PPG icon in your tray and a dialog box on your screen above the tray. To see what the icon looks like click here.
27) How can I place a call through the Check Point Firewall?
Please open ports 389, 5853, 6278, 9000 for outbound TCP.
28) When I place a call to the phone number of the phone line used by my PPG I get a busy signal?
You PPG is using the phone line that is connected to your PPG to place your call, if you call this number, it is in effect the same as if picked up a phone and dialed your own number.

29) Can I install my PPG behind Firewall?
Yes, you can install your PPG behind Firewall. Most of the Firewall software (such as ZoneAlarm, MacAfee's personal firewall etc ) has auto-learn features. As long as you run our application after the firewall software, everything should be ok. If your Firewall software does not have auto-learn features,  please click to have  more information
30) Can I install multiple PPG in one PC?

31) Can PPG accept incoming call?
Yes, PPG does support incoming call and can forward the incoming call to either Skype or IP Phone Center. For PPG to PPG (phone to phone operation),  incoming call function is an upgraded option.
32) Can PPG accept call from third-party H.323 gatekeeper?
Yes, PPG does support third-party H.323 gatekeeper. Download Gkregister into PPG's directory and run with PPG
33) Do you have PPG's user group?
Yes, if you like to share, exchange or sell your PPG's calling time, you can publish the information in PPG's user ground. Click her to to join PPG's user ground.
34) How to increase PPG's audio volume?
In PPG directory, edit GMConfig.ini as follow ( only available to ver.818 and up)
PlaybackFactor=1  ; default is 1. change to 2 will increase playback volume
RecorderFactor=1  ; default is 1. change to 2 will increase record volume
Need restart PPG after you change
35) How to adjust DTMF detection sensitivity for PPG's incoming call function?
In PPG directory, edit allowableDtmfThreshold value in GMConfig.ini as follow then restart PPG

allowableDtmfThreshold = 40 ; DTMF frequency sensitivity setting default=20, valid data are from 5 to 40
iaDtmfFactor = 2 ; DTMF volume sensitivity setting default=2, valid data are from 1 to 4

36) How to modify your PPG greeting voice for incoming call, "start.wav"?
In PPG directory, you can change all wav files EXCEPT for
N*.wav ( N00.wav ... Nstar.wav).

(1) Backup and open "start.wav" with Media Player and note its "playing
(2) Use Windows Recorder to record your own voices in kHz, 16bit samples
format within the roughly same "playing period". Save your recording file as
(3) Replace your recording file into your PPG directory.
37)  My PPG does not work! What I should do?
Click here and follow the instruction. We will help you to debug

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