IPconnect installation                                                       

First Steps:
Do not plug in the USB cable yet. Install the PPG software first.
If you are about to update an existing installation, uninstall the current version first according to the instruction below.

A Exit the PPG application. 

B Click Start > programs > Personal Phone Gateway > Uninstall.

1 Download the PPG software
Download the latest version of the software here
Double-click the downloaded file and then follow the on-screen instructions.

2 Install the Hardware

A. Connect the USB cable between IPconnect jack marked XXX and a free USB port on your computer

B. Connect a regular phone with the supplied tele line cable to the IPconnect jack marked "PHONE".

C. Connect the original tele line cable from your phone to the IPconnect jack marked "LINE" 

3 PPG Setup Wizard

When you reboot your system after installing your PPG USB , the PPG Wizard will start. The PPG Wizard enables you to quickly setup and use your PPG. For advanced configuration, please visit the Settings page for information.

VERY IMPORTANT note about your PPG configuration

If you gateway is NOT correctly configured, calls could be placed to expensive numbers, pay per call services and international calls. Please check that your gateway is configured as you intended by using the Number test utility

Click next





















Your PPG will need an email address so that you can add it to your Buddy List in IP Phone Center.
This is an optional feature for users that also own our IPsmart product, but has to be set even if you just use IPconnect with Skype.

You can use any address that you choose. It does not have to be a real email address, only unique among users of IP Phone Center and the PPG.

The serial number will link to the email ID you used to login CuPhone's server first time and can not be changed

The information in the two description boxes will appear
on your Buddy List and can be used as a reminder of your PPGs configuration.



Enter the serial number. (On a sticker under your IPconnect product.


Select the time limit for calls that are placed through your PPG.
















Select the country in which your PPG is installed from the drop-down list.




















Enter your area code and phone number.






If your PPG is connected directly to a regular phone line and does not need to dial a "9" or a "0"for an outside line, click next.

If your PPG is connected to a PABX phone system and it needs to dial a "9", "0" or other digit to place a call to an outside number, click Yes and enter the number.

Note; if you enable the "9" function but then want to dial a PABX extension, prefix the number with a "#" so #367 will dial extension 367.










If you want you PPG to be able to place calls to all numbers in your area code click "Yes".

To select what numbers can be dialed through your PPG, click No.














Note; you will only get this screen if you clicked no on the last screen.

In this dialog box you enter the numbers that can be called through your PPG.

To enable calls to all numbers with the 831 prefix, enter 831????.

















Click finish.

















Next, go to the settings page >>


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