IPconnect settings page - English

Here we will guide you through the steps necessary to enable the Skype supported features in your IPconnect.
You can activate forwarding of incoming Skype-calls, or forward of outgoing Skype-calls. You can also activate both of these features.

Activate Skype support
Forward incoming Skype calls
Forward all regular incoming calls to Skype
Forward regular incoming calls to any Skype contact 

Activate Skype support
Right-click the PPG icon in the system tray (yellow star with a "P"), and select Open.

The Gateway manager dialog will be shown



Click Setting



The Settings dialog will be shown.

Check "Enable Skype support"

Click OK

The Skype warning dialog will be shown




Check Allow this program to use Skype. Click OK.

Skype support is now enabled.


Forward incoming Skype Calls

Forward all incoming Skype calls to an ordinary telephone number through your IPconnect.

Open the gateway manager and click Setting






Check Enabled.

Choose number of second before the call is forwarded.

Enter the phone number you want to forward your Skyep calls to.

Click OK.


Forward all regular incoming calls to your Skype
You can forward all regular incoming calls to a Skype account.

Open the Gateway manager.

Click Incoming calls

The Incoming phone calls options dialog will be shown.

Check Enable incoming call...

Choose Skype incoming in the list

Click Input Skype Incoming data

Enter the speed dial number of the Skype contact you want to forward the call to.

Note: If you want to forward the call from your computer at home to your laptop at another location, you will need two different Skype accounts. Then add the laptop Skype name as a contact in your home computer.


Forward regular incoming calls to any Skype contact

You can activate the virtual PBX in your IPconnect, and call any Skype contact after first calling your IPconnect. This way, you only pay for the local call to your IPconnect, even if you are calling your Skype contacts world wide. You can also call SkypeOut contacts this way.

Open the Gateway managern


Click Incoming calls



We recommend that you add a username and a PIN code to prevent unwanted persons from using your IPconnect. When IPconnect picks up an incoming call, then the software will ask for the user name and pin-code before you can call through. You can choose a Single user account or Multiple user accounts.

Check Enable incoming call...

Enter digits for user account and PIN-code.

Check Use advanced setting

Click virtual PBX

The Virtual pbx dialog will show








Click Add Skype

The Add Skype dialog will show

Enter a three digit virtual PBX number(100-999)

Enter the Skype speed dial number of the contact to match th evirtual pbx number. You can click Test to make a test call, and the actual  Skype-speed dial number will be called by Skype.

Click OK to add the number

You will return to the Virtual pbx dialog.

pxb number has been added to the list.  Repeat the procedure for more numbers.

Assign speed-dial numbers to your SkypeOut contacts. Then you can add them to your virtal pbx. 

To add a Skype Speed-dial number, right-clickin the contact in Skype and choose Set speed-dial.

Click Close when you are finished adding pbx numbers.


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